// We’ve covered 14 461 kilometers

We have just closed a sports competition for our employees. For a month, volunteers from the ENGINIETY team were covering distances in two categories: “Bike” and “Foot”.

During that time, the cyclists cumulatively covered the distance of 8387 km, while the runners and the racewalkers covered the distance of 6074 km. The sporting spirit did not fail, and individual results of each person contributed to the success of all 8 teams.

The strongest Sports Masters turned out to be Marek (“Foot”), as well as Krzysiek and Maciek (“Bike”), whereas the best team results were achieved: in the “Foot” category in Wrocław, and in the “Bike” category in Gliwice.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

The prizes in the form of company sports T-shirts will be soon delivered to each of the participants, and the members of the winning teams will receive sports bags.

The additional value is in joining the nationwide social program “Pomoc mierzona kilometrami” (“Help measured by kilometers”). As part of the event, the organizer (T- Mobile Polska) will convert the kilometers “collected” by the volunteers participating in our competition into money for children in need.

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