// The most frequently asked questions from the job fair

We are flattered that the ENGINIETY stall enjoyed great popularity at the Job Fair in Wrocław (23/10/18) and Gliwice (25/10/18). You had many questions for which we would like to thank you. In response, we prepared a small Q&A about our Company.

Where is the ENGINIETY headquarters located?

ENGINIETY operates in three locations: Gliwice, Wrocław and Warsaw.
The Gliwice Team consists mostly of back-end and front-end programmers as well as testers. Business analysts, designers, the support team and business support (including the HR, administration and IT departments) also work here. In Wrocław there is, among others, the technical team, i.e. back-end programmers and testers. The Warsaw team consists of people responsible for sales and business support (including marketing), project managers and business analysts.

How many people are working for us?

There are currently one hundred of us, but we are still growing. 😊

What industry are we working in?

We execute e-commerce projects for foreign clients. We are present on the following markets: Retail, B2B, Telco, Travel, Consumer Electronics and Automotive. We work with, among others, TUI and PLAY. More information about our implementations can be found here:

What kind of employees do we look for?

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Junior Software Engineer (Wrocław)
  • Software Engineer and Senior Software Engineer (Wrocław and Gliwice)
  • Quality Assurance Engineer and Senior Assurance Engineer (Wrocław and Gliwice)
  • Frontend Developer and Senior Frontend Developer (Gliwice)

All our job offers can be found here:

In what language do we program in and what technologies do we use?

Our projects are based on the Hybris platform, we encode in Java, Spring (back-end), as well as JavaScript and Angular (front-end). Needs and requirements are specified in the recruitment ads, and we also specify them during interviews with candidates.

How can I apply for a job?

The easiest way to apply is via our website:

What does the recruitment process look like?

The HR department, who are responsible for hiring new employees in our Company, will read the candidates’ applications. Then Ola or Kinga will contact you in order to talk and to invite you to a meeting in one of our locations. “Technical” persons and HR specialists participate in this interview (which usually lasts an hour or so). You will receive an answer in a week’s time.

 Do we offer trainings?

Yes. We want the ENGINIETY team to be made up of people who want to develop and improve their competences. The company offers training (also certified), participation in conferences or workshops. Each employee also has access to a library in which new items appear regularly – books, e-books, electronic editions and traditional editions of magazines.

Do we organize company events for employees?

We surely do! We regularly participate in team building during various company events.
At least three times a year all the teams from the three locations go together for skiing, kayaking or a one-day event with team challenges.
Another example of initiatives for employees are contests. Last time we organized a team sport challenge. Results? Almost 70 people on bikes or in sport shoes.
You can learn more about such initiatives here:

Below you can find some photos taken during the Academic Job Fair in Wroclaw and the Employer and Entrepreneurship Exchange in Gliwice.



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