// The essence of the Support at ENGINIETY

Application Support – what is it?

The Support’s role is to maintain the seamlessness of the service which translates into continuity of the processes the business relies on. The Application Support Team works both with the client, it is the business party, and developers – the technical support, therefore its role in the communication chain is of the utmost importance. On one hand, the Support is responsible for maintaining business liquidity and, on the other hand, allows the development teams to focus on the sprint’s goal by servicing daily maintenance tasks and assisting the client directly in a professional and accurate manner.

For the purpose of servicing both parties, the team members have both excellent language skills to communicate freely in Polish and in English, and wide knowledge of the functioning of the applications. It is crucial to understand that the applications implemented by developers are the technical side of the service necessary for the client. This helps to see the entire spectrum of the service and to provide a better support. This position requires the combination of soft skills and technical knowledge. Diligence and accuracy in the performance of tasks and their timely realization are key. The Application Engineer has to be attentive and focused on solving the problem, yet the success of the business often depends upon his work.


Our team is a technical touchpoint available non-stop and constituting the pre-development support line. It handles queries related to the functionality of the application, monitors requests for new functionalities and incidents which are often related to the productions systems. These tasks require the ability of diagnosing, accurate analysis and problem solving skills, and in case of the inability to overcome the problem – the capability to cooperate and prepare the ground for diagnosis by developers. The team’s duties include also handling of the Change Management processes, both opening Change Requests and monitoring their implementation, as well as assistance if any problems arise.



At ENGINIETY, the application support service is rendered in accordance with the ITIL principles, so that our processes and operations are transparent, clear and easy to adapt to individual needs of customers. We not only care about the needs, but also focus on building positive relationships with customers. A special feature of our Support is the extraordinary flexibility in the way we approach issue handling. A considerable freedom in the selection of tools and procedures, many of which created or modified according to individual needs, allows us to perfectly adapt to the requirements of customers.

Full time Professionals

We are experts in a narrow field, and therefore the software created by our developers is that effective. Seldom errors are corrected on an ongoing basis, often before they are even reported. It is these processes and the tools applied that enable us to render the support service at the highest level. All the incidents are resolved at stated time, and all the contacts and requests are registered, so that no issue is left unresolved.

The Applications Support has a significant importance at ENGINIETY as it services complex processes related to the functioning of the applications, thus contributing to the business’ success. It constitutes a touchpoint between the customer and the organization and provides technical support. The workflow in the Application Support is dynamic, and the team faces many challenges every day, which enables its members to develop, not only in terms of technical knowledge, but also in terms of soft skills.

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