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Music is like math


Conversation with DAREK SMOLAREK, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER // APPARENTLY, YOU NEVER LEAVE ANY QUESTION UNANSWERED When someone asks a question, he/she expects me to answer. So I have to do it – showing respect to that person. Strong interpersonal relations…

Testing platforms and devices


Software development is burdened with the risk that a project will not work and/or look the way it was planned – regardless of whether it is an Internet service or a desktop/mobile application. Technological advancement and intense expansion of mobile…

Engineer on the trail


Conversation with MACIEK ZYCH, QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEER // WORKING IN OUR COMPANY IS YOUR FIRST JOB IN THE IT INDUSTRY After graduating from civil engineering, I got a job as a coordinator of roads and rail construction. It involved a…

Behaviour-driven Development in automated tests


Is it worth investing in Behaviour-driven Development (BDD) when preparing automated tests? What are the pros and cons of such a solution? I will examine this issue and analyse the tools dedicated to it. BDD in a nutshell I will…

How to increase your mobile conversion rate (and why RWD is not a solution)?

  • commerce
  • mobile conversion
  • mobile first
  • Progressive Improvement

An increasing percentage of shop visitors are mobile customers. Unfortunately, there are not many of them among these actually making a purchase. Let’s see what can be done about it. More than half of the global traffic reaching online stores…

Digital transformation. Back to the future, where CX is the new currency

  • #hybris
  • #omnichannel
  • commerce
  • mobile first

Trends, new business models and innovations change the marketing and sales landscape. We often lose the meaning of keywords and expressions such as digital transformation, omnichannel, customer experience or mobile-first. The point is quite simple: rapid technological development facilitated the…



  Almost 70 people from our team took part in the 2nd edition of our company challenge called Sports Masters. In April, 9 teams, composed of people from 3 locations, competed for a month in different categories: BIKE, RUN, and…



What can the working parents do during the strike at school or kindergarten? At ENGINIETY we are a team, some of us are parents. That’s why we organize professional care for our children while the teachers will be fighting on…



26 people on a common mining shift – this is how we engaged in team-building activities with one of our clients… 355 meters below ground. Equipped with foremen’s clothes and lamps, we went into the deepest levels of the Guido…

Business Analyst's Role and Scrum

  • #Agile
  • #Scrum

Which role in the IT world is currently in great demand? The answer is Business Analyst (BA). One symptom of this is the frequency with which authors of IT websites and books, as well as conference organisers take up the…

UI/UX Hackathon

  • #hackathon
  • #UI/UX

6,278 lines of code added or modified, and improvements that will be implemented soon. This, in short, is the outcome of the hackathon which we held in February in cooperation with the client and the front-end agency SYZYGY. For 2…

The ideal tester

  • #Quality Assurance

The job of a Quality Assurance Engineer is to verify that the software being developed works correctly and to report any bugs or discrepancies with the specification. Software testing is said to be the profession of the 21st century. Indeed,…



Do you remember our SPORTS MASTERS COMPETITION, when we were divided into teams for accumulating kilometers covered on foot or bikes? All of the participants received sports T-shirts, and the winners were also rewarded with bags. It was a particularly…

Non-spooky ENGINIETY Halloween


Several dozen of us took part in party in Gliwice with karaoke and other activities – including the best costume competition and having nice evening, Halloween-style. The winning team’s prize were cinema tickets – who knows, maybe they’ll see a…

FAQ from the job fair


We are flattered that the ENGINIETY stall enjoyed great popularity at the Job Fair in Wrocław (23 October) and Gliwice (25 October). You had many questions for which we would like to thank you. In response, we prepared a small…

Let’s meet at the job fair in Gliwice


The fair week continues. No later than tomorrow, on 25 October, the Employer and Entrepreneurship Fair will take place in Gliwice. Between 9:00AM and 3:00PM, girls from the HR Department, Kinga and Magda, as well as Dawid, our BA, and…

ENGINIETY at the Academic Job Fair in Wrocław


Let’s meet at the job fair in Wrocław. Tomorrow on 23 October, we are taking part in the Academic Job Fair in Wrocław. In our booth you will meet: Magda and Kinga from the HR Department, Mikołaj-our Software Engineer, and…

New technology partners

  • #CELUM
  • #commercetools

Today we announce new technology partnerships which will help us serve our new and existing clients even better.     commercetools delivers modern headless commerce stack. This approach enables businesses to create seamless shopping experiences across all digital touchpoints like…

Analytical know-how and inspirations


In ENGINIETY, we not only realise interesting projects for various clients. We constantly expand our knowledge through participation in different types of training courses and meetings as well. An example of this can be our participation in the 2nd edition…

We’ve covered 14 461 kilometers


We have just closed a sports competition for our employees. For a month, volunteers from the ENGINIETY team were covering distances in two categories: “Bike” and “Foot”. During that time, the cyclists cumulatively covered the distance of 8387 km, while…

100 employees on board


Today at ENIGNIETY we have another reason to celebrate, the hundredth employee joined our team! We had muffin cakes in each of our locations, because it’s good to celebrate with something sweet. But we haven’t yet said our last word…

Boys' Day – Best Wishes!


On September 30th, we celebrate Boys’ Day in Poland. At ENGINIETY, however, we celebrated it today. The female part of the team decided on a surprise effect. In the kitchen, the boys found a treat in the form of breakfast…

ENGINIETY's new office


ENGINIETY’s office in Gliwice, which currently employs nearly 70 people, will be relocated. We are moving to Dworcowa Street in Gliwice (800 meters away from the railway station, 350 meters away from the Market Square) – the new office will…

Power of team building


Another team-building event is over. More than 70 people from 3 different locations attended the surprise party. The participants didn’t know what to expect – until the last moment the only known detail was the date and the time of…

Sports Masters have just started


We have just launched our internal competition entitled Sports Masters. For a month, divided into teams of runners and cyclists, we will be racking up kilometers. At the beginning of October, we will award teams and individual competitors. We will…

Precision of developing software at ENGINIETY

  • #Agile
  • #Scrum

In today’s reality, we are bombarded with new applications and IT systems. They are meant to relate to users’ needs so as they use the solutions more willingly and for longer. It forces vendors to be ready to often define…

Let’s have a contest


Contests at work are becoming more and more popular and they play a very important role: they build teams.  Joint participation in initiatives organised by the company creates its organisational culture and a sense of unity. Therefore, what lies behind…

Recruitment tools


Industry media flood us with information about the so-called candidate’s market. It is therefore not surprising that every HR department that actively seeks potential employees meets with little response to job ads, demanding candidates, or candidates suddenly changing their mind…

The essence of the Support at ENGINIETY


Application Support – what is it? The Support’s role is to maintain the seamlessness of the service which translates into continuity of the processes the business relies on. The Application Support Team works both with the client, it is the…

ENGINIETY supported “The Children’s Memorial Health Institute”


We are honored to inform you that we have supported the The Children’s Memorial Health Institute with a donation. The words of Krzysztof Molin (CEO), perfectly describe our motivation to support the Institute: “We are engineers, part of our mission…

ENGINIETY at SAP NOW – Intelligent Organisation

  • #SAP

SAP NOW – INTELLIGENT ORGANISIATION conference was held in Warsaw in April. As a golden partner and co-organiser, ENGINIETY played a essential role in creation of SAP NOW – one of the most importan digital transformation meetings in the region….


  • #SAP

In business as in nature, not those who are the strongest will survive, but those who are best adapted. An Agile Omni-channel transformation allows you to be prepared for the unknown. Examples of implementations in international B2B business, Omni-channel transformation…

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