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At ENGINIETY, we value mutual help and sharing of experience. This takes many forms, including expertise sharing meetings (“Spotkania działkowe”). This was a grass-roots initiative, which gradually turned into yet another opportunity to share knowledge regularly.

The origin of our meetings is simple – the team consists of both very experienced experts and newbies. Initially, these meetings were devoted to topics that helped junior members get on with their work. In this way, a space for the exchange of thoughts about issues we have to deal with in our work emerged spontaneously.

In our industry everything changes very rapidly and there is no shortage of people who are willing to share their professional experience. Hence, the suggestion that the meetings be regular – so that everyone could present topics of interest to them. Over time, we decided that it would be worthwhile that every senior member of the team, that is, someone with greater experience, champions a given area of expertise, promoting our engineering approach.

Who and how?

Formally speaking, the meetings take place once every two weeks. Any member of the team can be the speaker, regardless of the position held. The speaker decides how the meeting should be held – it is often a presentation or lecture, but occasionally it is a workshop.

No topic is off-limits

The topics of our “expertise sharing meetings” are not restricted to programming, testing, UI/UX design and business analysis. We also discuss technical innovations and trends in the IT industry broadly understood. Every topic can be valuable and interesting to some audience. The list keeps growing and is available to everyone.

The issue of “Application Security” is an interesting example of such meeting. In the presentation, one of our colleagues pointed out potential security gaps in an internet chat application. His also remarks proved relevant to an application used in our company to report work time. As a result, the topic raised at the expertise sharing meeting directly contributed to an improvement in our internal system.


As you can see, the meetings are valuable not only from the perspective of the participants. Being the speaker at such a meeting also brings certain benefits. Thanks to the friendly and creative atmosphere, any stage fright one might initially feel quickly vanishes and the meeting becomes a great opportunity to practice public speaking skills. Ingenious solutions as well as topics for future meetings often emerge from such conversations.

The practice of exchanging views and sharing experience is an important aspect of the ENGINIETY brand. Thanks to various activities – including grass-roots initiatives, such as “experience sharing meetings” – our appetite for new skills and knowledge only grows.


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