Transformation case #2 / PLAY (P4 SP. ZO.O.)
    14,3 MILLION

For Play staying close to their customers is key corporate value. That implies bringing relevant offer to the market quickly. Quite a challenge, considering sheer amount of moving parts in telco offer. Sales process is integrated with 20+ distinct systems, each of them with a lifecycle of its own.

Play’s existing open source sales system has been at its limits: too brittle to handle changes and too labour intensive in development. Time has come for replatforming. New platform needed to be stable, flexible and future proof. Play has chosen SAP Hybris – not only a customer centric commerce stack but also flexible development platform.

No development platform is effective without right implementation partner. ENGINIETY, founded by seasoned Hybris consultants and most experienced SAP Hybris partner in the region, was natural choice for this ambitious task. Enginiety brought into the project Agile methodology to deliver value quickly and build honest and open relation with its customer.

„We wanted to give our customers maximum flexibility on how do they want to engage with us. Bringing our Duet and Rodzina offer online not only increased our revenue in this channel but also fuels our brick and mortar business by measurable ROPO effect.”

// Marta Perwenis, Head of Ecommerce, Play

„Play stays close to customer across touchpoints.”

The first phase was focused on forming stable foundation by rebuilding existing system functionality. Hybris shone already, contributing to customer experience via Buy Online – Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) delivery model and Assisted Service Mode, allowing Play consultants to support e-Commerce customers by seeing webstore with their eyes. Just this phase alone contributed to Net Promoter Score (NPS) raising 10 points.

Once solid foundation had been established, appetite for more ambitious projects started to grow. Play decided to test the capacity of the new system and challenge competitors by selling group offers online. It was beginning of 2017 and just a handful of telecoms at large markets like U.S. or India could execute such a sale end to end online. Others including all Play’s competitors described group offer on the webpage but configured and fulfilled manually over the counter or via call centre. For Play, operating on the market where 55% prospects declare purchasing telco services online, it meant 2/3 of the voice offer was not available online. Such situation was not acceptable at a company, for whom being close to the customer is key corporate value.

The difficulty of the challenge, is that group offers are complex even for telco standards. Each SIM card offered may be:

  • owner of the group or its member
  • new number or transfer
  • bought with a device or SIM only
  • optionally have one of 13 device financing schemes
  • esulting in over 59 different combinations just for a Duet offer consisting of two SIMs and significantly more for a Rodzina offer intended for families.

MultiSIM project has been rolled out within 6 months of Agile development.Expanding the portfolio available online helped drive e-shop traffic up by 100%. Since release, average order value went up 10%.

Moreover, time to configure group contract dropped from 40 minutes (excluding customer commute time) to under 3 minutes contributing to improved customer satisfaction and decreasing cost of sales.

MultiSIM project has proven robustness and flexibility of SAP Hybris platform and reinforced relationship with Enginiety. As the appetite for success grows, new strategic projects are queueing for development like leveraging Play market presence and SAP Hybris retail capabilities to offer handsets without contract across all channels.

Reduced configuration time of the group contract by over 37 minutes

Increased convertion rate

Net promoter score (NPS) Raised by 10 Points

Average order value increased by 10%