Almost 70 people from our team took part in the 2nd edition of our company challenge called Sports Masters. In April, 9 teams, composed of people from 3 locations, competed for a month in different categories: BIKE, RUN, and WALK. Together we covered 12 900,68 kilometers!

4 teams benefited from a bonus awarded for having participants from different locations on board. Team members who work in different cities had a great opportunity to get to know each other better.

A new feature in this edition was the PRO ranking with thresholds 120 km for WALK, 150 km RUN and 600 km BIKE, which turned out to be ambitious – but ultimately attainable.

The biggest distance covered within 30 days by the cyclist was over 1 709 km (respect, Krzysiek), while the RUN leader covered 322 km (good job, Mikołaj). In the WALK category, which attracted the highest number of entrants, the winner covered 350 km (well done, Dominika).

Where there is competition, there must be prizes. Apart from T-shirts for reaching the thresholds for their categories, the winners will also receive sweatshirts and sporting goods stores vouchers. In addition, some of the participants donated their “kilometers” to a selected charity having a positive impact on our environment.

Congratulations to everyone who took part – both those who work out on a daily basis, and those who used the challenge as an opportunity to increase their level of physical activity. No doubt about it – the Sports Masters was great fun and a hot topic of conversation in the office kitchens.

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