ENGINIETY is a team of TRANSFORMATION ENGINEERS. Our role is to deliver omnichannel projects for customers in Europe in compliance with the engineering code of ethics.

Based on partner relations with our customers, we implement successful, comprehensive projects, which are both effective and useful.

The combination of our experience in building software for highly specialized purposes with our expertise in business consulting, quality assurance and UX/UI design makes us a full service provider.

We are transforming in various industries including retail, B2B, telco, travel, consumer electronics and automotive.




Design UX/UI


Transformation #1
Case Study – TUI Poland

“By cooperating with an experienced partner and using SAP’s tried and tested platform, Hybris, ENGINIETY can successfully deliver value to their clients. Because we did not need to worry about any technical problems, we could focus only on what is truly important."

// Adrian Mazurek, Head of eCommerce, TUI Poland



„We wanted to give our customers maximum flexibility on how do they want to engage with us. Bringing our Duet and Rodzina offer online not only increased our revenue in this channel but also fuels our brick and mortar business by measurable ROPO effect.”

// Marta Perwenis, Head of eCommerce, Play (P4)


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New technology partners


Today ENGINIETY announces three new technology partnerships which will help us serve our new and existing clients even better. Commercetools delivers modern headless commerce stack. This approach enables businesses to create seamless shopping experiences across all digital touchpoints like webshops,…

100 employees on board


Today at ENIGNIETY we have another reason to celebrate, the hundredth employee joined our team! We had muffin cakes in each of our locations, because it’s good to celebrate with something sweet. But we haven’t yet said our last word…

ENGINIETY's new office


ENGINIETY’s office in Gliwice, which currently employs nearly 70 people, will be relocated. We are moving to Dworcowa Street in Gliwice (800 meters away from the railway station, 350 meters away from the Market Square) – the new office will…

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